Director of Libraries


With charismatic and resourceful senior leadership and a bold program of curricular renewal and sustainability underway (, Oberlin College, the storied institution 35 miles west of Cleveland, seeks a new Director of Libraries.

Oberlin College
Oberlin, OH
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Review begins immediately; continues until filled
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An avatar of student access, intellectual rigor and progressive thinking, Oberlin uniquely combines a highly selective undergraduate college of arts and sciences and a pre-eminent professional school of music with one of the great college art museums in the country. The College of Arts and Sciences offers a rich and balanced curriculum in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences. The Oberlin Conservatory of Music offers flexible programs to prepare students as professional musicians and teachers of music. Within that framework, Oberlin’s 2,846 students work closely with its 367 faculty members to design an educational path appropriate to their own particular interests, needs and long-term goals.

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