Endorsements/Statements of Support

Policy/procedure for endorsements/statements of support 

Individuals can bring a proposed endorsement before the entire group; as per our bylaws - "Proposals to use the Oberlin Group name in support of various initiatives must come before the membership, either in-person or virtually, and require a two-thirds vote of all Member Representatives" (53 to approve) .
Action steps:
  • Initial proposal - may come from any member, does not necessarily start with the Board of Directors
  • Share with group for discussion
  • If enough interest in pursuing, then revise if needed based on discussion and feedback
  • A Board member becomes a liaison and works with the person who made the proposal and organizes the vote and follow through with results
  • If two-thirds members (53) approve the endorsement, then the submission/press release  should be made by the Board liaison. Notice should be posted to Oberlin website news after the endorsement is made.