Organizing Principles - Endorsed January 2011 by the Membership

The Oberlin Group: A Consortium of Liberal Arts College Libraries

Endorsed January 2011 by the Membership

Purpose and Shared Values — The Oberlin Group is an independent, non-profit, unincorporated association of liberal arts college libraries

The Oberlin Group provides a forum for member directors and staff to discuss issues of common concern, to share accomplishments and information on best practices in library operations and services, and to help members anticipate and adapt to the challenges of college library administration and liberal arts education.

The Organizing Principles were endorsed by the membership in January 2011.


The current Organizing Principles grew out of the work done by an Ad Hoc Group formed in 2009, members were:

  • Carol Dickerson, Colorado College
  • Scottie Cochrane, Denison University
  • Richard Fyffe, Grinnell College
  • Ray English, Oberlin College
  • Merrily Taylor, Washington and Lee University
  • Clem Guthro, Colby College
  • Bart Harloe, St. Lawrence University
  • Sabrina Pape, Vassar College
  • Megan Fitch, Beloit College
  • Jill Gremmels, Davidson College

They developed a set of draft bylaws that were reviewed by the membership at the 2010 annual meeting at Holy Cross and Clark colleges (see the discussion notes). Following the business meeting discussion in 2010, a new group was formed as the temporary Coordinating Committee with the charge of revising the draft that had been shared at the 2010 business meeting. 

The members of the Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee were:

  • Amy Badertscher, Kenyon College
  • Carol Dickerson, Colorado College
  • Terri Fishel, Macalester College
  • Richard Fyffe, Grinnell College
  • Vicki Hanawalt, Reed College
  • Loretta Parham, Morehouse/Spelman Colleges

The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee prepared Organizing Principles that were shared with the members of the Oberlin Group and adopted by electronic vote in January 2011.

A slate of candidates for the inaugural Coordinating Committee were approved at the October 2011 business meeting in Atlanta.  The inaugural Coordinating Committee members were:

  • Jonathan Miller, Rollins College (3 year term)
  • Amy Badertscher, Kenyon College (2 year term)
  • Richard Fyffe, Grinnell College (1 year term)
  • Loretta Parham, Morehouse/Spelman Colleges (Treasurer)
  • Additional members of the Coordinating Committee are the host(s) for the next annual conference:  Sabrina Pape (Vassar College) and Jeff Katz (Bard College)

For a list of the current committee members, go to the Coordinating Committee.